Welcome to Divine Conversations

Welcome to Divine Conversations. Here you will find the different voices of the Source that speak to your heart. It does not matter what expression it takes, be it an Archangel,  an Ascended Master or a Light Being, the important thing is not the form but what you feel. The energy of what is said can make you remember something within you; and you realize that you already know the answer. Divine Conversations is a place where you can find channelings and articles that speak the simple language of the heart – that there is no polarity or duality, that everything is one.

The separation between the inner and outer reality, darkness or light, female or male is just an illusion. All of Creation is one conscioussness experiencing itself through your eyes. Ascension is about letting go. The heart knows the way and you do not have to understand. It is a journey into Onensess where everything unfolds without you pushing it. Just allow yourself to remember, all you need is in your heart. Divinine Conversations is here to inspire you to find your heart and to be who you are. You are a beautiful being of Light and I am honored that you have chosen to come here. In the name of the One. Namaste Carl