This is for you  who are seeking practical and spiritual advice on how to get things working in your everyday life.

Carl uses his highly developed intuition, channeling abilities, astrology and healing in order to help you through whatever lifesituation you are in. Together we will help you find the keys to unlock the pontential of the challenges you are facing, to find “the Easy Flow” in life.  Every situation you meet in your life is there for a reason. It is your Higher Self showing you how to grow beyond the polarity of good and bad and be one again. It is about about finding yourself, not seeking any answers on the outside. So instead of seeking love, abundance, joy and happiness on the outside, you become all of that yourself.

Here are some examples of what Carl can help you with:

  • Spiritual development and how to work with different energies that can assist you on your Souls journey.
  • Career advice and development and finding your goals in life
  • Creativity and how to open up to divine inspiration/divine ideas
  • Relationship issues and how to open up to Love in your life
  • Money issues and how to open up to financial abundance

In short this coaching with Carl is about helping you find the right track in life, so that your soul purpose and your spiritual resources can manifest with ease. 

 if you book several sessions in advance you can save up to 45 €