Multidimensional Channeling

Carl channels energies from several levels at the same time, giving you the opportunity to understand your life situation from both the personal perspective and the soul/spirit level. This means that you can meet everything from Archangels, Lightbeings,       Ascended Masters or the Source. 

The information that comes through can be anything from practical advice on your daily life, advice on how to boost your energy and increase abundance, break unconscious patterns, advice on meditation techniques, and ways to raise your awareness so you can be more of your own soul energy. Everything is channeled in the NOW , without the limitations of time and space. So what comes through is that  what you would  benefit mostly from right now,  in order to expand your awareness and live your life fully.

Carl does channeling by phone or via Skype. The channeling is digitally recorded and you can then receive the recording as an mp3 or wma – file sent to you by email.