Self Mastery

This is for you who has worked with yourself spiritually and understand that you create your own reality. You know that there is no right or wrong, negative or positive, false or right, winner or loser; that all this is just part of  the collective polarity  consciouness of humanity. You understand that this is an illusion and that everything is ONE.

Carl uses his own experience of total Oneness (being One with his own God Self) to guide you through the different stages to Self Mastery. This guidance will be on both the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

He will  help you find your own mediation technique that is best suited to you and help you get the universal flow working in your everyday life.  It is about becoming spiritually grounded:  – the higher you wish to reach, the deeper your own roots must be.

The sessions can include release work, guided meditations, healing, rituals and power mantras. Here are some examples of what he can help you with:

  • How you can you leave the polarity of the head and come in to the unity of the heart
  • How to work with, balance and integrate the different Ascension energies coming from Source to the planet right now
  • How to work with different energies that can assist you on your Souls journey, like Archangels, Ascended Masters and Lightbeings
  • How to end suffering – stopping negative thinking and emotions
  • How to open up to the Love within and manifesting Abundance  in your reality
  • How to balance yourself and finding peace within
  • How to be conscious in every moment and in all that you do
  • How to access your own true spiritual power

if you book several sessions in advance you can save up to 45 €

Self Mastery