Source Healing

During the month in 2017 when Carl was one with his God Self, he downloaded source codes into his body so he could remember those frequencies later. He is now able to transmit frequencies from Pure Source which will help you transform negative energies and raise your vibration to a higher level.

During a healing session, Carl will generate source frequencies to help you shift. He will tune in to your energy field to see where there may be any imbalances. The purpose is to find the origin of the symptoms you are experiencing. By resolving and releasing the root cause of your physical, mental or emotional imbalance you will be able to heal yourself. Carl will guide you through this process, but it is you (or your higher self) who does the healing.

The most important precondition for a balanced energy field is that the channel down to Mother Earth and up to the Source (what one may call God) is stable and conscious. Problems that people experience are due to being ungrounded or blocked in the connection to the soul/spirit. When you are ungrounded, there is an imbalance in one or more of the lower chakras, which leads to difficulties in practically living as a human being. Is the connection to the soul blocked it is because of imbalances in the higher chakras, which can lead to depression and a sense of meaninglessness in life. When our chakras are in balance, they act as an extension in the connection between the physical body and your Higher Self. In fact, the chakras are fragments of your light body in the physical body. The goal of the Ascension Process is ultimately to transform the physical body into pure light so that we can be our higher self physically manifested.

Here are some examples of what we can accomplish with you during a healing session:

  • Synchronizing your personality with your soul and spirit
  • Chakra balancing and purification
  • The dissolution of soul contract or karma that no longer serves your highest good
  • Detection of blockages / fears in the heart chakra and in connection with the Higher Self
  • Dissolving of etherical threads connected to negative energy, resulting from people or situations in current or past lives
  • Removal of entities, implants or curses
  • Relief of fears and traumas in this life or past lives

Source Healing