The new reality seen from an enlightened perspective

In 2017, Carl went through an enlightenment process where he left the soul to finally become one with his “I am Presence”, a total entity with everything through the Spirit. For a month he was in a state of god realization where he got to experience the new reality that the earth is now heading for.

In the new reality, time and space limitations cease and all dimensions are here in the physical, existing simultaneously in an eternal now. All knowledge is available to download from the Universal Consciousness and you can communicate with the entire universe.

2020 is the year when we take the first step into the new reality here on planet earth, when more and more people will wake up to their true self and understand that everything is One.

During the evening Carl will channel his Higher Self and Source to describe how the New Reality will affect you, what will happen to the planet and what challenges and opportunities that humankind is facing. The lecture ends with a short meditation.

Divine alchemy and the manifestation of 360 degrees of total abundance

What is Abundance? Many people think about money, but abundance is so much more than that. It’s about reaching our highest potential.

During the Middle Ages, many alchemists sought to create gold. The true spiritual seeker knows that the outer alchemy is just a symbol of an inner process, where by uniting the female and male within us we can reach the ultimate goal, the wedding between the poles. Hiera Gamos or the sacred wedding is a union between the spirit and the personality, where the body is eventually transformed into a body of light that shines in gold.

During the evening, Carl will highlight the connection between our own ascension process, cosmic abundance energy, tantra, and the ability to manifest directly in matter.

During the evening Carl will channel his Higher Self and Source to explain the following topics:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • Hiera Gamos – the sacred wedding between the poles
  • Tantra – sacred sex, relationships and abundance
  • The Divine Money Elemental
  • Divine alchemy and immortality
  • Manifestation and the three lower chakras
  • Mother Earth’s abundant energy