Signs that the Ascension process has started

There are different signs that your ascension process is set in motion in your body and your personality.  One of the most important discoveries that you will make is that you are no longer interested in New Age, spiritual meetings or courses. It does not feel true and it only feels tiresome. The truth is that we are spiritual 24 hours a day no matter what we do. Forced spirituality takes us away from center (=ourselves) and actually places us in an artificial situation, where we are trying to get in touch with our inner peace and stillness, instead of just being that peace and stillness.

The following are examples of common symptoms and changes within the personality, but these can obviously vary for different individuals.

• You may feel unusually tired and the need to sleep more. Sometimes you have trouble keeping your eyes open in broad daylight. This pattern sometimes changes into periods of hyperactivity, where you have difficulty falling asleep. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and feel very alert.

• You have no need to meditate regularly to feel in touch with your soul. You experience inner peace and a connection to all-that-is whether you meditate or are awake.

• You get regular headaches or feel a kind of pressure on your chest. The reason for these symptoms is that energies come in via the crown chakra or the heart chakra. Sometimes your feet can feel very warm when you take in energy from the Earth. You may experience back pain and you may have a sore lower back; especially in the area of the solar plexus and sacral chakra.

• You require simplicity and cannot tolerate anything that is too complicated. In the higher dimensions you need not do anything special in order for your thoughts to manifest. We carry a vibration within us that attracts everything we need. Hence, simplicity is the “rule” we live by.

• When higher energies enter the body they set off a cleansing process. The body gets rid of toxins and you may experience pain in the kidneys or in the liver. The stomach can also feel bloated, since your bowels are purified from coatings and Candida overgrowth. This in turn can lead to sore joints and that you may get a rash or eczema on your body. Do not be too worried about this, since the symptoms are transient. The process can be facilitated by drinking lots of water, cleansing your bowels and showering often. An easy way to clean the intestines is to drink Aloe Vera or to have a colonic done. (You can order Aloe Vera of high quality to drink here:

• In the same way that the body is purified we also heal and balance our emotional, – and mental body. This process may cause emotional extremes where we go up and down in our emotions. We may feel mentally confused and forget things easily. It may also be hard to focus on logical thinking for longer periods of time. All of these symptoms are temporary and a part of the ascension process. They are not dangerous.

• You no longer feel a need to be with your biological family. Your parents may feel more like your friends and you have no need to meet with them regularly. Similarly, it is common that you don’t feel the need to meet with, – or have a lot of friends. Some friends disappear from your life and it feels important to socialize with people that you can be yourself with. Old friends may also show up and we may feel a close connection to them regardless of how many years it has been since we last saw them. We no longer feel bound to be resident in a particular place on Earth. We might as well live in Sweden as anywhere else on the planet.

• You feel a decreased need to read spiritual books, or self-help books. It does not feel like there is anything new to learn about spirituality; all you long to do is to just simply be present. You can receive all the information you need directly from yourself, through your own heart. If you do not feel the need to learn anything new, you are most likely ready to enter into the fifth dimension.