Ascension or Inscension – Living Heaven on Earth

Ascension is a process were we transform our physical body into light and leave all polarity on the 3rd dimension and become one with all that is on the 5th dimension still being in the body.  In the past the physical body could not stand the high vibration of the Higher Self, so in order to become one with Spirit we had to die first.

Christ showed us the way when he did his Ascension on the cross. He became one with Spirit after he had died. This is called Resurrection. Now the energies on the planet are so high that we do not need to leave the body anymore during the Ascension process. Instead our lightbody comes down and integrates with the physical body.  In that sense it is better to call this process Inscension since we are downloading our Higher self into our physical vehicle. So the New Age is about living Heaven on Earth whilst being in a human body.

In addition to our physical body we have several different energy bodies, such as the Etheric body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, the Soul body and our Spirit Body (the I am Presence/Monad/God Self). Our 3-dimensional personality on this planet is a unity of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Body. In the beginning of the spiritual journey the personality is controlled by what we call the Ego. The Ego is in itself a link between our personality and our Soul. It is called the Lower Self and functions as a space suit for the Higher Self so that we can function in this dense third dimension. The true function of the Ego is to carry out the will of the Spirit practically. So if the Higher Self wants something done on the third dimension it will need the Ego to plan the “when are where”, even though there is no time or space on the spirit level.

The problem is that the majority of people on the planet have forgotten the connection to Spirit and that we are one with all of Creation. This leaves us with the illusion that the Ego exists and that it is our true Self.  What happens then is that the Ego projects this illusion of separation on the outside world and it becomes something we believe to be real. The Ego can only project polarity, which results in a world that you see as full of hatred, hopelessness, dispair, fear etc. In order to “fix” this duality we as humanity need to shift our focus from the head to the heart. Then our reality can start to become One again with Spirit.

The psycichal location of the Ego is in the brain. If we look at the brain it is divided into two halves which means that the head can only see polarity if we have not united the brain. This is an alchemical process of integrating the female and male part of our selves which is called Hieros Gamos, or the Sacred marriage. When the poles meet we automatically open our third eye, which means that the two eyes (male/female) have become one. This is the Divine Eye that can only see everything as one. In ancient Egypt  pharao was depicted with a cobra coming out of his third eye as a proof that this process was complete.

So how do we open our third eye? We need to reverse the poles and let the heart control the brain. The heart is the psychical location of the Soul and the Spirit. Inside the heart there are two areas; one called “the Sacred Space of the Heart” which is connected to the Soul and one called “The Tiny Space of the Heart” which is connected to the Spirit. So Ascension is really a short journey from the head to the heart.

The first part of the Ascension Process is to balance and integrate  all parts of the personality into a harmonious unity. When the personality is more in balance, the soul can slowly begin to take control of the ego. The Light of the Soul will now  come through in the form of e.g. divine inspiration, feelings of oneness/love, happiness and a strong focus with an increasing awareness. As you progress, the Ego will become more and more transparent and your reality starts to be controlled by the Heart.

In itself, Inscension is a process of integrating all of our energy bodies into the physical body. Once we have converted enough of our physical body into light, we become one with our Soul Body. In the final step of the Inscension process the Soul becomes one with the I am Presence, Spirit or your own God Self. You are now in a permanent state of bliss, a state without the limitation of time and space. In this state there is no sense of self and you are living in the Eternal Now.  This means that you are one with every moment and there is no past or future.  Whatever you focus on you will become, as you are One with all that is. This is living Heaven on Earth whilst being in human body.