Ascension or Inscension – Living Heaven on Earth

Ascension is a process were we transform our physical body into light and leave all polarity on the 3rd dimension and become one with all that is on the 5th dimension still being in the body.  In the past the physical body could not stand the high vibration of the Higher Self, so in order to become one with Spirit we had to die first.

Christ showed us the way when he did his Ascension on the cross. He became one with Spirit after he had died. This is called Resurrection. Now the energies on the planet are so high that we do not need to leave the body anymore during the Ascension process. Instead our lightbody comes down and integrates with the physical body.  In that sense it is better to call this process Inscension since we are downloading our Higher self into our physical vehicle. So the New Age is about living Heaven on Earth whilst being in a human body.

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Signs that the Ascension process has started

There are different signs that your ascension process is set in motion in your body and your personality.  One of the most important discoveries that you will make is that you are no longer interested in New Age, spiritual meetings or courses. It does not feel true and it only feels tiresome. The truth is that we are spiritual 24 hours a day no matter what we do. Forced spirituality takes us away from center (=ourselves) and actually places us in an artificial situation, where we are trying to get in touch with our inner peace and stillness, instead of just being that peace and stillness.

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Welcome to Divine Conversations

Welcome to Divine Conversations. Here you will find the different voices of the Source that speak to your heart. It does not matter what expression it takes, be it an Archangel,  an Ascended Master or a Light Being, the important thing is not the form but what you feel. The energy of what is said can make you remember something within you; and you realize that you already know the answer. Divine Conversations is a place where you can find channelings and articles that speak the simple language of the heart – that there is no polarity or duality, that everything is one.

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